Buy My Free Cams Tokens

The full experience of the MyFreeCams platform possibilities is truly unlocked with the help of available paid features. To unlock them, the person uses the specially deposited in-platform currency known as tokens. There are several important details that should be prepared before purchasing tokens or using them on the available services.

What is tokens?

As there are different kinds of visitors gathered on the MyFreeCams website, there should have been presented the universal currency for everyone to use equally. It is known by the name of tokens, which are recharged in the paid way or received as a price for active participation on the platform.

MyFreeCams - What is tokens

From the account menu, the person should select the depositing option that redirects to the purchases page. Inside of it, there are three main package options and available services that handle the safe and anonymous billing of funds. Each of the options for purchase automatically upgrades the account status, unlocking the new features to access.

How to buy tokens?

After passing the first page, the user will be redirected to the page of the selected billing service. It will offer the complete form to fill in about the payment method, owner or other relevant information about it.

MyFreeCams - How to buy tokens

It is of utmost importance to enter all details correctly, checking the spelling of a name, removing typos in card or e-wallet information. If some of the fields do not correlate, the payment gets a “pending” status, temporarily locking the funds inside the billing system and returning them in seven days afterwards.

How to get tokens for free?

There is only one fair possibility of getting the tokens for free within the MyFreeCams platform as a loyalty reward. It involves the referral partnership, paying the bonus for every acquaintance brought to the platform, with preliminary registration to one.

MyFreeCams - How to get tokens for free

As for the other ways, there are currently no plans on token giveaways for free within the platform. Although it is a valid promotional strategy, the fairness of the process will always be questioned, so this is safer to prevent any of such discussions at all.

How to use tokens?

In terms of spending the tokens, there are multiple possibilities of how to organize a quality time on MyFreeCams website with their help. Below, the user can find a full list of the available services which become unlocked only while using the tokens:

MyFreeCams - How to use tokens

In case there appear any troubles or any reasons for the refunding, the matter should be discussed with the model first. If both parties agree that there could be an issue which is worth of payment cancellation, the matter is addressed to the support team for the further discussions.

Payment methods

For the absolute convenience in using the MyFreeCams services, there are multiple opportunities in using various payment options. All of them have different terms of use which can be checked from the Wiki citation below:

MyFreeCams - Payment methods

If the bank or e-wallet service has approved the transaction, but the tokens were not accounted within the specified time, then it will be necessary to deal with the billing support service. The platform provides the official contacts for every registered organization, giving the direct link and specifically the page for providing any help with billings.

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