My Free Cams Rooms

To enjoy a good time with MyFreeCams, the user visits the different rooms which are hosted by the models live. With the different models who apply to the platform all over the world, it is always possible to find a room which suits the preferences at any time of night and day. The catalog of MyFreeCams models will help to find and sort the best offers to everyone’s taste.

Cam categories

On the website, each room maintains a system of tagging which helps to find the specific preferences. They can be selected from the general list of most popular keywords or specified with the help of a search bar at the category heading.

MyFreeCams - Cam categories

To perform a search that would involve the tagging system, it is enough to expand the main menu on the right and select there the “Tags”. From the left, the person gets to see the list of popular keywords, which can be sorted by score, number of uses by models or alphabetic order. It is important to remember that all of the tags are entered by the models themselves and are not corrected by the administration in any way.


Aside from the general keyword search that is used when looking for the broadcasts, the MyFreeCams service also supports the expanded filter for the models or streams which are currently running. The settings are saved for the main menu page, allowing to load the preference list from the start with every login.

MyFreeCams - Search

To manage the starting page settings, the user has to click on the settings button near the search bar. This action will trigger the expandable menu with “Model list settings”, which helps to select the content recommendations and technical settings. Due to the high customizability and recommendations based on the previously liked streams, it will become impossible to run out of the high-quality content.


Within the broadcasts, the user gets to see the active space for chatroom, in which the visitors can leave their comments. Depending on the popularity, the sender will either become easily notices or lose the message in a flow of other’s notes in less than five seconds.

MyFreeCams - Messages

To avoid going unnoticed when it comes to the favored model, there are several ways of guaranteed attention attraction. The user can use such features, as tipping, attaching the comment for the model if there is a wish, private messaging or requesting for the exclusive show start. However, it must be noted that all of these functions require the inner currency named tokens that should already be deposited to the account.

Popular cams

The most popular content creators will surely get noticed and highlighted in the local charts. From the expandable side menu, the user can select the constant monitoring of most popular rooms that will timely update the top of currently active models and the number of visitors attending.

MyFreeCams - Popular cams

The panel like this is set by the default, but it can be also switched to the alternative recommendation list. To get more specified recommendations, it is recommended to select instead the “Models you may like” or “Custom selections” categories. Out of the most stable lists is Miss MyFreeCams which allows to see the accounts of separately voted most favored models.

Trending cams

For the beginning experience, when trying to figure the best rooms for visiting, the feature of “Trending rooms” is surely one of the most on-demand. Available from the main menu list, it allows the instant redirect to the relevant page or can be also pinned to side menu for reference.

MyFreeCams - Trending cams

The charts like this one are usually unbiased, reflecting the exact number of users which are currently present on the broadcast. While orienting on it, the person will be able to figure out the most popular models, select the favorites and build the recommendation list around them, getting new offers to watch for way easier.

Group shows

When setting up the filter, the user will be able to select the types of the broadcasted shows, too, which will include into the recommendations the private and group shows. They can be picked up or dismissed at any time from the main page settings, places in the first section, near the end of it.

MyFreeCams - Group shows

An alternative way to look for the group show is placed on the main page top, after the note about applied filters. The compact button with “Group show” text will open a new window that will specifically list the broadcasts that are solely relevant to this category.

New cams

For the users who always search for something new, never still in the preferences, the platform allows to highlight the newest models on the main page. The list is activated with the help of the settings section on the right, letting the user pick the recently joined models from the certain period.

MyFreeCams - New cams

The accounts which were created in less than a week ago, by standard setup, have the corresponding tag which is also marked with the yellow color. It will be impossible to miss the new updates, especially in the main menu, as the “New” category is usually shown as one of the top sections.

Miss MFC

With so many models which registered specifically on the MyFreeCams platform, there will be no doubt that the most popular out of them will be able to fight for the honorary title “Miss MFC”. The candidates and winners are usually picked with the popularity contest that happens once in a while.

MyFreeCams - Miss MFC

On the main menu screen, it will be possible to out the “Miss MFC” applicants separately, bookmarking their content in such way. Also, for the rapid updates, the tab can be attached to the expandable side menu, allowing to efficiently track the changes, incoming models, positions change and more.

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