My Free Cams login

On the MyFreeCams website, the registered member gets a number of significant benefits in comparison to the person with no account. To access them properly, the user should constantly check on whether the login is active and, in case if no, enter the account quickly and efficiently. The ease of sign-in process will allow the comfortable account management from any place, even with mobile device.

How to log in account?

There are two main ways on how the person can activate the account features. One of them has the dedicated page of the website which specifically opens a window for login. With the second one, however, it is possible to sign in from any site page, as the two-field form can be found in top right corner of the screen.

MyFreeCams - How to log in account

In the questionnaire shown, the user just has to enter the selected username and attached password combination. Then, the form is submitted with “Login to your account” button, which immediately reloads the page, entering the profile in case everything was typed in correctly. And that is it – no more complicated gestures required. There are also two alternative versions which are used in case the person agrees to attach the social network account to MyFreeCams.

Log in account with gmail

One of the possible links which can be used for omitting the login procedure is the Google service account. A click on the corresponding icon is quite enough to start the login procedure, recognize the user and redirect the person to the assigned account.

MyFreeCams - Log in account with gmail

In order to provide the utmost comfort in feature access, aside from enabling it on the login page, the small Google icon is also placed at the top of each page on the website. It can be considered a comfortable shortcut which immediately launches the API mechanism and grants permission to open the user’s profile.

Log in account with twitter

Another possible omission of a regular login procedure is using the Twitter account. It is quite a popular option for users who want to remain anonymous, but still wish for an option with instant sign-in.

MyFreeCams - Log in account with twitter

To enable the quick Twitter login, it is enough to open the main page and look at the top right corner for the corresponding blue icon with a white background. For more formal approach, the person can activate the actual login page first, selecting from there the “Sign in with Twitter” button, which starts the recognition process.

Log in account via mobile phone

For more comfortable access to the MyFreeCams services even while being away from the desktop, the mobile version was developed. Its layout was specifically adapted to the vertical and long screens, hiding the currently irrelevant sections into the expandable menu and compact top bar.

MyFreeCams - Log in account via mobile phone

The “Login” button can be still found in the top section, activating the pop-up window for the signing in. As usual, only username and password information are required, also allowing an alternative from Google and Twitter services if necessary. All the processes are completed within a couple of seconds, allowing to fully manage the profile settings or attended broadcasts.

Log in account via web

Immediately after the completion of registration, the login feature also serves as a great check whether the system has recorded the data properly on the servers. If everything was saved as intended, there should be no issues after entering the username and password combination. There are no alternatives to the first field’s information – no e-mail or phone numbers are accepted, only the official nickname. In case of success, the page shows the information about profile in the top right corner.

MyFreeCams - Log in account via web

After registering via one method, it is not an issue to attach other ways for signing into the system, especially if it is about getting a quick login for a regular account. Even with the technical downfalls on one of the servers, it will still be possible to enter the profile and enjoy the content without much issues.

Restore password

If, for some reason, the username information and password are not accepted, especially after a long period of absence, then the password reset feature should be used. In the same way, as on many other platforms, it allows to safely restore the access to the system, especially with the potential threat of account hacking.

MyFreeCams - Restore password

On the login page, the “Forgot password” button is placed on the bottom of the screen, right in between the other two options. After clicking on it, the new window is opened, showing the form with only one field and requirement – to paste the registered e-mail account.

MyFreeCams - Retrieve password

Proceeding with the further instructions, the user will be able to quickly restore the access and come up with more reliable password code to protect the data. It is especially important for the users who regularly use the paid features, as the payment details or purchased tokens can come into the hands of fraudsters. For the cases, when both the password and recovery e-mail are lost, the customer support team will step in, helping to restore the account accessibility even in such situation.

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