My Free Cams Billing

On the MyFreeCams every visitor gets a free access to the live streams hosted by either individual models or professional studios registered in the system. Through the main page or extended catalog, the visitor gets an access to all the available shows which can be sorted by the certain preferences. The exploration can be performed via desktop or well-adapted mobile version of the website – it is enough to activate the link of to get an instant redirect with the proper adaption.

From the main page, the user will get to see the currently trending, newest broadcasts at any time of day or night. However, for some of the exclusives, it is required to use the additional features which are unlocked with inner currency, replenished with real funds.

What is billing?

Part of the features enabled are considered as “special service” which is restricted only to the users who are willing to pay for it. Usually, they provide more extreme content or perform the requests left by the visitors as a thanks for visiting the private show or tipping. To get an access to them, the user has to replenish the account balance with purchased tokens, which are used as a universal inner currency.

MyFreeCams - What is billing

Each transaction which is performed through the platform for buying tokens passes through the one of the issued billing services. All of them allow to encrypt the transaction, protecting the user’s privacy, making the presence on the platform anonymous. Before confirming each of the transactions, the person selects the most suitable billing service that works in specified regions, which will also become an authority whom to contact in case or any problems.


One of the first options out of the billing list is CCBill, which works all over the world for transferring the cloud payments. Its rating among payment provides worldwide is currently one of the highest due to its speed, efficiency and quick reaction to any issues.

MyFreeCams - Ccbill

Still, it is possible that the transactions sent via the service could be delayed or lost for some of the reasons. In such cases, it is recommended to use one of the means of communication with support staff from CCBill and explain the situation to them, attaching the issued receipt and transfer number.


Another service provider which has gained its reputation since 1998 is Netbilling, which is rather popular for merchant account maintenance. An alternative name of the billing service is, which will also appear on the cardholder statement in case if choosing Netbilling for transaction.

MyFreeCams - Netbilling

In order to get in touch with the company, there will be suggested the main page of a service and the direct link to customer support department. On the website, one will also be able to find the alternative means of getting in touch, like e-mail address and more.


For private financial gateways, one of the most popular sources is Rocketgate system, which also proved some useful sophisticated features for e-commerce purposes. It also provides one of the lowest paybacks, encouraging more users to try its services.

MyFreeCams - Rocketgate

However, in case of any trouble with the transaction sent, especially if tagged in the receipt with website, it is necessary to reach out to the customer support team with the help of provided links. In addition to them, the site should also list other methods for contacting, for example, e-mail address or hotline number.


The last option available for processing the payment to the MyFreeCams service is SegPay, which has also gained an established reputation for its services. Widely utilized by merchants and subscription users, it has earned its share of admirers who use it on a regular basis.

MyFreeCams - SegPay

Once seeing the tag of Segpay on the transaction receipt, the person can immediately identify the service to request its help from. For this, the administration provides the billing company’s official website and customer support center page.

Transaction declined

There can be the cases when, instead of delay of transaction, it gets declined and does not allow to send funds to the MyFreeCams platform. This occurrence is more regular with CCBill and Netbilling services, due to specifics of their work.

MyFreeCams - Transaction declined

During the decline of transaction, one can also notice the pending status on the charge, which lasts up to ten business days, while the funds get locked in the system. It happens due to the conflict between banking system and billing service which has found a conflicting information. In such cases, the money will be sent back after the period stated, taking somewhat longer for the gift cards or pre-paid accounts. For this reason, it is rather important to carefully check the stated information during the billing process, like CVV, billing address and other details.

Refund money

Some of the situation require from person to call the transaction back, due to numerous reasons – from personal motives to dissatisfaction from services selected. Once a decision was made, the user should contact the customer support team and discuss the issue with them. The full list of refund policy can be checked below:

MyFreeCams - Refund money

One of the most important conditions when requesting the money back is discussing the matter with support team and get the formal approval, which is easily given to transactions within last 30 days on a condition of having the corresponding number of tokens. If, for example, the refund was processed with hosting bank or billing service involvement only, then the transaction is automatically claimed as processed from stolen bank. As a result, the account on MyFreeCams gets permanently banned with no chance for restoring access.

Cancel transaction

In case the transaction is marked as “cancelled”, there might be some issues with the credit card balance, as lack of necessary funds, or bank’s permissions for outer transactions. It is always necessary to check the updated Terms of Use in order to understand the possible downfalls, figure out the best way and payment system combinations that would work best with MyFreeCams in selected region.

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