My Free Cams Model Account

The MyFreeCams community is supported by both the regular visitors and the models who are willing to become the content creators for the platform. At the same moment, there are no restriction for the model applicants who can join, accepting people of any background. Just a simple procedure is required in order for the future model to submit the request and get a highly guaranteed chance of becoming a part of MyFreeCams.

What is model account?

If the regular user account is adapting to the viewer’s needs – bookmarking the favorite profiles, making collections, sharing the highlights of attended streams, then model’s account is aimed at posting new content and organizing it neatly. It also gains the special features that are necessary for hosting the streams, generating tactics, collecting feedback, and, of course, organizing the income through tips, private shows or other stuff that could be used for the gain.

MyFreeCams - What is model account

With the MyFreeCams platform, the models get to earn the significant amount while working in comfortable conditions, provided with all the tools and promotional benefits. There is no limit to how the content or interactions should be organized, allowing to diversify the platform and adapt to different visitors’ tastes.

Model account registration

To complete the registration process, the model has to pass several stages before getting the necessary approval. As it will require some time and involve the disclosure of personal data, the model should carefully weigh the decision of signing up as a website’s member and active participant. Once there is a clarity, the applicant should visit the corresponding website page or find the section dedicated to it through the registration form features.

MyFreeCams - Model account

The first stage includes some basic information about a person who decided to become a model – the full name, short description, social accounts to see the candidate in more natural behavior. After filling in the fields, the answers are sent to the administration for a review, where they either approval or decline the candidate.

MyFreeCams - Model account registration

Then, there goes the verification process which will require to introduce the identification proof, other significant details, with which the permission for content release from the account will be officially granted. As soon as the approval is issued, all the tools for profile management will become accessible.

Model account login

In order to prevent the information mashup, the model accounts are signed in from another page belonging to MyFreeCams. It is specially dedicated to the content creator category, where the model can manage the account and review other profiles for possible reference.

MyFreeCams - Model account login

Everything the model has to do is to enter the username created and the attached password, pressing “Login” button to reveal the profile. Unlike the regular users’ feature, the model option does not include any account linking, so there is only one real way to enter the profile settings.

Model account verification

There are several significant requirements for the models who would like to work with MyFreeCams seriously. All of them are related to such details, as document information, camera visibility, photo creation and upload, and many other minor inconveniences.

MyFreeCams - Model account verification

On one of the last steps, there will be the contract offered for signing which would establish the relationships between the company and the model or studio which is responsible for that person. It will require the digital sign which would officially enter the register and guarantee the protection in mental, judicial and, of course, physical aspects for the model.

Model account withdraw money

As a main consequence of working with MyFreeCams, the model will get the opportunity to withdraw the accumulated funds to the personal account. Below, there are listed the conditions to all popular payment gateways which could be used for issuing the money to the bank account of bank, e-wallet and so on. Usually, it will be enough to choose one and consider it a regular option for further checkouts.

MyFreeCams - Model account withdraw money

Most of the transfers are free of charge and require only $10 or $20 for the minimal withdrawal which would arrive in a couple of days or even less. The only major exception is international wire transfer – it will cost $15 to cover the fee in the best-case scenario, with lower limit of $500 per withdrawal, taking around five days to be accounted.

What is % of revshare?

Not the whole sum the visitor uses for tipping ends up belonging to the model – the platform also gets its share from the in-site purchases. According to the statistics, more than sixty percent belong to the models solely, while MyFreeCams receives around forty percent left. In such way, the model gets a decent income, especially if the channel hosted receives more attention, and the platform also gets enough to continue developing and working over the previous mistakes.

MyFreeCams - What is % of revshare?

The accuracy of the data, however, is not as high, as it usually does not include the package payment bonuses, free tokens won from the user giveaways, and such important factors as transfer and refund expenses. By the end of the day, including all of the details together, the final percentage of funds distribution leaves around eighty percent to models, while the website clear gain is around twenty percent only.

Model support

Once the models encounter any type of the problem, it is always possible to get in touch with the support team which has a department specifically dedicated to the model and studio accounts. By using the direct e-mail address, the model can write a detailed letter of the issue, attaching to it the necessary screenshots, helpful files and even more.

MyFreeCams - Model support

Before getting in touch with the team, however, it will be useful to browse the support wiki which compiles the most popular cases and explains how to resolve them. In such way, the staff is able to concentrate on more urgent and serious matters, improving effectively the work of the MyFreeCams website.

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